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 LARGE Map of Ocean Lakes Family Campground online (use navigation tools at the bottom of page to ZOOM in)
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Ocean Lakes Family Campground map with link

Ocean Lakes Family Campground has 310 acres and nearly one mile of oceanfront - so we recommend a map! We have an oversize map in the Main Office, Ocean Lakes Golf Cars and Ocean Lakes Properties. Our brochure also has a map, those are available throughout the campground!

NOTE: This map LINK will take you to an" easy to view" version of our oversize map. There is nothing to download. Click on the map to enlarge the map and "zoom in" on it to see the sites and amenities. USE the navigation tools at the very top of the page to ZOOM in and SCROLL around the map.



GPS Coordinates:

  • N 33 Degrees 37.701 Lattitude
  • WO 78 Degrees 57.725 Longitude

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